Wireless Internet Policy

In order to help provide access to information in a wide range of formats, the Stone County Library provides free wireless access for laptop computers and other wireless devices.  You will need a notebook/laptop or wireless device with wireless networking capabilities.  The Library does not guarantee that all laptop computers or wireless devices will be able to connect to the wireless Internet service or maintain that connection.  

By choosing to use this free service, you agree to abide by the Stone County Library Internet policy.  This policy states the limitations, your responsibilities, and provides examples of acceptable and unacceptable uses.  

The Library staff cannot provide technical assistance to patrons using the Library’s wireless network.  Technical computer connection or use questions should be directed to the appropriate manufacturer’s representative.

Wireless users who wish to connect power cords must use the area in the Library designated for this purpose. This prevents a tripping hazard.  Wireless users who are using battery power may sit anywhere in the library.

Wireless internet users are asked to refrain from displaying materials on their personal computers that may be interpreted as intimidating, hostile, offensive, or inappropriate to passersby.

The Library is not responsible for laptops or similar devices or for any damage that may occur while connected to the wireless network.  Anti-virus and security protection are the responsibility of the patron.